CIMcloud Network Maintenance
Scheduled for Jul 20, 20:00 EDT  -  Jul 21, 04:00 EDT
As part of our continuing efforts to improve, we are upgrading core networking equipment in our datacenter. This update will require outages while maintenance is performed. The work will be broken up over two nights and will require a short outage window the first night and a longer outage window the second night.

The maintenance is currently scheduled for July 19 (Friday night - One Hour) and July 20 (Saturday night into Sunday morning if necessary). Work will begin around 8pm EDT.

If you have any questions or concerns with this planned outage, please submit a task to the Extranet.

We appreciate your time and business,

The CIMcloud Team
Posted Jun 20, 2024 - 18:50 EDT
This scheduled maintenance affects:,,, i1 Arrays (i1web01, i1web02, i1web03, i1web04, i1web05), i2 Arrays (i2web01, i2web02, i2web03, i2web04, i2web05), w1 Arrays (gweb06, gweb07, gweb08, gweb09), w1 Databases (gdb01, gdb02, gdb03), i1 Databases (i1db01, i1db02, i1db03, i1db04, i1db05, i1db06, i1db09, i1db12, i1db14, i1db15, i1db17, i1db19, i1db21, i1db22, i1db23, i1db24, i1db26, i1db27, i1db28, i1db29, i1db30, i1db31, i1db32, i1db34, i1db35, i1db36, i1db37, i1db38, i1db39, i1db40, i1db41, i1db42, i1db43, i1db44, i1db46, i1db48, i1db49, i1db50, i1db51, i1db52, i1db53, i1db54, i1db55, i1db56, i1db57, i1db58, i1db59, i1db60, i1db61, i1db62, i1db63, i1db64, i1db65, i1db66, i1db67, i1db68, i1db69), i2 Databases (i2db01, i2db02, i2db03, i2db04, i2db05, i2db06, i2db07, i2db08, i2db09, i2db10, i2db11, i2db12, i2db13, i2db14, i2db15, i2db16, i2db17, i2db18, i2db19, i2db20, i2db21, i2db22, i2db23, i2db24, i2db25, i2db26, i2db27, i2db28, i2db29, i2db30, i2db31, i2db32, i2db33, i2db34, i2db35, i2db36, i2db37, i2db38, i2db39, i2db40, i2db41, i2db42, i2db43, i2db44, i2db45, i2db46), and K8 Cluster (k804, k805, k806, k807, k8classic, k808).